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Hello! Welcome to the Ultimas Cosmology! Here you can freely discuss and create different types of dimensions to help build a Cosmology! This also includes physics, forces of nature, how and why the world works, Gods, cosmic beings, and much, much more! We run a very open minded community and accept all sorts of individuals as long as they hold a welcoming nature! Keep in mind however we are a PG-13 type site, so please nothing too extreme, this means no "Adult" themes.

Freedom to express yourself is unlimited! Be as silly or serious as you desire as long as you do not interfere in others works. Be kind and respectful to others and above all, have fun!

(It goes without saying not to steal ideas, so discuss with admins if there has been theft of ANY kind, especially of an admin is doing the theft including the Founder himself! He will be under the username of "Nexus the Wielder". He wishes not to set a poor example, so kindly let him know if he's breaking the rules so there is no anarchy. Thank you!)

HINT: An easy way to browse is by clicking "Official" under "Categories"!

Rules (short and simple)

  1. Please no rude edits on another's article/blog. This includes their wall.
  2. Intentionally humorous articles must be categorized as "Silly" or an admin will mark it themselves to help organize the articles better.
  3. If an article is deemed as necessary enough or simply creative enough then an admin will mark it under the "Official" category for example articles like "Universe" are essential to the wiki.

GOLDEN RULE: Communication is key! This goes both ways, so admins cannot be rude and neither can ordinary members of the wiki. No special permissions are granted despite the case. Treat others with respect!

(REMINDER: No Wiki Theft! This means no copy and paste! Goes for even "Nexus the Wielder"!)

Becoming an Administrator

The steps to becoming an admin or a moderator is fairly simple;

1. Meet with the head administrator "Nexus the Wielder".

2. Give a short introduction about yourself and why you wish to become an Admin/Moderator.

3. The current admins will then do a background check on you (mostly searching up usernames of the same kind and any LEGAL sources they can find based on you). Afterwords they will give a democratic vote if you're in or not, however the head admin is allowed to veto the decision if they suspect anything.

Special privilges include main Wiki edits, sponsoring, event planning, and more!

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